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What is BLOCWallet

The CLI Wallet, called BLOCWallet, is a multi-platform program (Win/Linux/Mac) that requires you to enter commands for it to work and you cannot use your mouse. It is text only application that does not have a graphical interface.

However, it is currently the most stable and gets the newest updates first.

Follow this guide to find out how to use BLOCWallet



Source code


  • Binary distributions can be found: GitHub.
  • Also available on our Website.
  • Select the appropriate file for the target platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Binaries are provided in .zip format, while source code is provided in .zip and .tar.gz format.


Installing on Windows

Extract the .zip file (

Installing on Mac

Extract the .zip file:


Installing on Linux

Extract the .zip file:


Synchronizing the Blockchain

Here's a quick image of BLOCd MAIN NET in action:


Here's a quick image of BLOCd TEST NET in action:


Running BLOCd will start the BLOCd network daemon, which will connect to the network and begin downloading and verifying the BLOC blockchain.

Because the blockchain is constantly growing, the file size always increases (the blockchain is currently over 2 GB), and BLOCd must verify every block, which is both CPU and disk intensive. An SSD with at least this much free disk space is recommended, unless you plan to use remote nodes.

Using Checkpoints

You can sync a fresh chain from block 0 much quicker by using checkpoints. Follow this guide to learn more.


Run the BLOCd.exe executable extracted from the Windows binary zip:

Mac / Linux

Run the BLOCd binary extracted from the .zip download:


Using BLOCWallet

With BLOCd still running in the background or another terminal/shell/command prompt, open BLOCWallet:


Run the BLOCWallet.exe executable from the extracted folder.

Mac / Linux