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Developer Ressources

Technical ressources to start building on BLOC

Source code

BLOCd & BLOC-service RPC Clients

  • Javascript: A JavaScript wrapper for the BLOCd daemon and BLOC-service RPC interface .
  • NodeJS: This project is designed to make it very easy to interact with various RPC APIs available within the BLOC Project. This entire project uses Javascript Promises to make things fast, easy, and safe.
  • Go: A Golang wrapper for the BLOC RPC API. This project makes it easy to send requests to particular RPC server and returns a clear response without any abrupt termination.
  • PHP: A PHP wrapper for BLOC's RPC interfaces.

BLOC-service RPC Errors


The BLOC-DEVELOPER website documents the public API's of BLOC. You can test your application with your own BLOCd node or BLOC-service wallet and view code examples in different programming language.