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Sleep Mining by BLOC

Mining with Your Mobile Phone while you sleep with BLOC — Make extra cash while you are sleeping using your mobile phone


BLOC cryptocurrency has amazing an feature that balance the low end, middle and high end hardware while mining.That means that even if you use a smartphone or a normal computer or any other low end hardware, you will be able to mine the BLOC with the same probabilty of coin reward.

Mining from a mobile phone during the day can be possible but it is a problem because you are using your mobile phone and do not really have time for this.

What about at night then ? How much do you use your phone while you are sleeping ? What if your phone could provide you a passive income while mining during your sleep ? We made this possible from today. Welcome to Sleep Mining by BLOC. Earn extra cash during your sleep.

How does it works ?

  1. You need a mobile phone or tablet
  2. Download Telegram and join the Telegram BLOC Wallet
  3. Click the Sleep Mine button
  4. Enter your local time
  5. Enter what time you go to sleep
  6. SLEEP MINING sends you a notification with a one simple click button instant mining using your Telegram wallet address and our BLOC WebMiner already configurated for you at your prefered time
  7. Click on the notification, you will be redirected to the BLOC WebMiner with your BLOC wallet already configured
  8. Scroll down and click the big button ON
  9. Make sure your phone is charging and the lockscreen is turned OFF

How much money can you make while you are sleeping ?

As you might now, BLOC is a very young crypto currency just created in May 2018. The current price of 1 BLOC = 0.03$. I have started mining every night using my mobile phone from DAY1 we launched the BLOC. That’s about 5 months of Sleep Mining using my iPhone 7 plus.

I have made a total of 3134 BLOC this means $ 92,02 USD in 5 months while sleeping and using my mobile phone.

Since you are reading this now, remember back in 2009 the price of 1 BTC. Not much people knew about Bitcoin at that time. You could mine coins very easily with a great profitability. Now it’s a different story and everyone wants 1 bitcoin.

With the actual massive development going on here at BLOC and with the upcoming products and services being launched such as Paychange and Traakx in the near future, we can except the BLOC price to reach new high. This means even more money while you are sleeping. Right now this is the best time to start mining BLOC so you can get a massive profit in the coming months or years. BLOC has 50.000.000 total supply. Everyone wants 1 BLOC, this is the chance of a lifetime.

Start sleep mining with BLOC today

BLOC is the new Era of cryptocurrency. Building the world most advanced cryptocurrency ecosystem created without an Initial Coin Offering.