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Mining with Your Mobile Phone

BLOC cryptocurrency has amazing an feature that balance the low end, middle and high end hardware while mining.That means that even if you use a smartphone or a normal computer or any other low end hardware, you will be able to mine the BLOC with the same probabilty of coin reward.

How to mine BLOC with a mobile phone ?

There is actually 3 ways to mine the BLOC from a mobile phone as follow:

  1. The most easy way to mine BLOC from your mobile phone is using the BLOC Web Miner
  2. Introducing Sleep Mining for BLOC — Make extra cash while you are sleeping using your mobile phone
  3. Build and compile the BLOC Wallet for iOS - The unpublished app


Using your mobile to mine BLOC 24/7 is not advised and should only be done for the fun. It may also cause the phone to overheat and result in premature silicon degradation, shortening the lifespan of your phone. However mining during the night while you are sleeping and not using your mobile phone can be an interesting option and may be profitable for some time.