Mining with BLOC Electron Wallet for Desktop

BLOC Electron GUI Wallet - GUI Stands for Graphical User Interface. It makes it easy for you to use BLOC with a friendly user interface. The BLOC Electron Wallet client allow you to create your wallet, store and send your BLOC money, view your transactions and much more. BLOC Electron GUI Wallet is available for Windows, macOS and linux desktop and laptop computers.

Make sure to follow the complete instructions here on how to download, install and setup the BLOC Electron Wallet for Windows, Linux or macOS.

Once you have install the BLOC Electron Wallet click on the miner button from the left menu.


You can download the BLOC Electron Wallet from two places

Once you have downloaded the file, go to your computer and double click the installation package to install the BLOC Electron wallet. Select the BLOC wallet application and place it where you like.


If you want to learn about cryptocurrencies, mining is a great place to start!. The BLOC Electron wallet include a built-in miner for BLOC which makes it very easy to use with a one single click button to start mining.

BLOC Electron Wallet - Transactions

The advantages of the miner built-in the BLOC Electron wallet:

  • The miner will not be detected as virus like any other mining software
  • Very easy to use with 1 click button to start mining using your built-in BLOC address
  • Complete mining stats provided
  • Mining from the official POOL.BLOC.MONEY.
  • CPU Mining only

Once the mining is made easy, this is not the best solution if you want to mine regulary BLOC. If you are interested about mining and looking for a more efficient solution we suggest you to look at the BLOC GUI Miner

To start mining simply swich ON the button.

BLOC Electron Wallet - Transactions

Notice a yellow box will appears on the left menu while browsing the other sections to remember you that you are mining.

How to check your payouts

You get paid out based upon what the pool sets the min payout amount. A pool’s min payout amount can vary from pool to pool.

Visit the mining pool you are mining from to checkout your actual payouts.

Mining from official POOL.BLOC.MONEY


  • Enter your BLOC address
  • Click search
  • All your payments will be displayed here


I have an issue not listed here

If you have an issue not listed here or if you would like to add a new feature to the BLOC GUI Miner pelase visit us on GitHub and log a new issue, alternatively, you can contact us.