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How to Mine BLOC?

Unfortunately because of some bad people using mining software in malware, most antivirus software will detect the programs below as unsafe.

It is likely you will need to add exceptions and exclusions to your antivirus software in order to make things work properly. Unless you know what you are doing, please only download from the links below.

There are currently a few different ways in which you can start mining BLOC:

1. BLOC GUI Miner

In-browser BLOC web miner was designed and built to allow virtually anyone with internet access and a browser to mine the cryptocurrency known as Ƀ BLOC. In-browser miner is easy to use and has all the latest web mining capabilities built in. You do not have to download or configure any software to get started mining with your computer, mobile phone or any device running a web browser.

To start mining BLOC with the In-browser web miner, you can check out this guide.

2. In-browser BLOC javascript web miner

BLOC GUI Miner is a beautiful, easy to use, Graphical User interface for mining the cryptocurrency BLOC. It is aimed at getting people that have never tried mining before with a focus on accessibility, security and simplicity. BLOC GUI miner makes getting started with BLOC mining easier than ever.

To start mining BLOC with the BLOC GUI Miner, you can check out this guide.

3. Javascript WebMiner - for webmasters

BLOC offers a JavaScript miner for the BLOC cryptocurrency that you can embed in your website. Your users run the miner directly in their Browser and mine BLOC for you in turn for an ad-free experience, in-game currency or whatever incentives you can come up with.

To start mining BLOC with the visitors from your website you can check out this guide

4. XMR-Stak - Cryptonight All-in-One Mining Software

XMR-STAK is the only program that supports mining with CPU, NVIDIA GPUs and AMD GPUs. Also it is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and more. XMR-stak is a universal stratum pool miner to mine crypto currencies like Monero, Electroneum, BLOC and basically any coins that are powered by cryptonight algorithm.

XMR Stak is well optimized and it is known to significantly generate more hashrates than any other miners.

To start mining BLOC with XMR-stak, you can check out this guide

5. XMRig Miner

XMRig is a little bit different to XMR-Stak, you need to download a CPU and GPU miner separately and run two separate instances in your computer. One will use your CPU and the other one will use your GPU. XMRig is a high performance Monero (XMR) and BLOC CPU miner, with official support for Windows, Mac Linux and more.

To start mining BLOC with XMRig, you can check out this guide

6. Mobile Mining

Using your mobile to mine BLOC 24/7 is not advised and should only be done for the fun. It may also cause the phone to overheat and result in premature silicon degradation, shortening the lifespan of your phone. However mining during the night while you are sleeping and not using your mobile phone can be an interesting option and may be profitable.

Check out the two options available to mine BLOC from a mobile phone:

  • The most easy way to mine BLOC from your mobile phone is using the BLOC Web Miner

  • Introducing Sleep Mining for BLOC — Make extra cash while you are sleeping using your mobile phone

7. SBC/Raspberry Pi Mining

his guide will get you started mining BLOC on a Raspberry Pi or similar SBC (single-board computer).

8. Mining Pools

Checkout the complete list of BLOC Mining Pools available. Always select the nearest mining pool from your location for the best results.