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Telegram Group Airdrop Mission

Join us on the official BLOC Telegram Group and receive 0.2 BLOC


You need to have Telegram installed on your device. If you do not have Telegram yet you can go on the official Telegram website to find out more details and download the application. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and cloud based. Telegram is fast, free, powerful and secure with endless possiblity.

Monitored by Jenny

Jenny from the BLOC is a Telegram bot programmed to manage different tasks at the BLOC. She will guide you to make sure you follow the correct process and unlock the rewards.

Follow this guide

  1. Click on the button Not claimed under the Telegram Airdrop Mission.

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 1


    AirDrop Mission Telegram 2

  3. You should be redirected to the following chat session on Telegram.

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 3

    Click on the START button to initiate the chat with Jenny.

  4. AirDrop Mission Telegram 4

    You should see a confirmation that you have successfully connected your Telegram account with Jenny.

  5. To claim your reward you need to click on @bloc_money to join the group and receive 0.2 BLOC.

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 5

  6. Click JOIN GROUP

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 6

    You should see a confirmation that you have successfully joined the group.

    In the same time you should have received a confirmation from Jenny about your reward has been successfully claimed. As follow:

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 7

  7. Join our Telegram Channel. Click @bloc_money_channel to join the channel. There is no reward to join the channel but it's always good to subscribe if you would like to stay up to date with the BLOC.

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 9

  8. Go back to your Dashboard Account

    Verify that your reward has been claimed. You should see it like this:

    AirDrop Mission Telegram 8


If for any reason you were not able to claim your reward it can be because Jenny or Telegram itself is offline or any other reason. You can try again later. If the problem persist please contact us so we can investigate the issue.