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Connecting the real world to crypto-currencies


BLOC is building the ecosystem for the Cryptocurrency era. People will be able to use, spend, exchange any type of cryptocurrency in the same way as they could with any other currency, but in a quicker, cheaper and more secure environment than it is currently possible in any traditional bank or other current exchange.

BLOC with PAYCHANGE will be the core which will interlock the limited financial world in today's societies and a future Cryptoeconomy with limitless nationwide possibilities.

"Most of the technology for this financial revolution already exists: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay; the world’s biggest banks and payment platforms have already installed more than 42 million contactless payment terminals throughout the world, a number that is proliferating."

PAYCHANGE will fully take advantage of the global contactless phenomenon and provide the use of cryptocurrencies instead of conventional payment cards using fiat currencies through mobile devices.

PAYCHANGE aims to provide services required to change the way we pay and get paid in our everyday life, by delivering one of the best Cryptocurrency online secure platforms to use, buy, sell, and transfer, while connecting buyers and sellers.


Cryptocurrencies mass adoption is near.

PAYCHANGE is the trigger

It’s not easy to understand how to buy and store securely cryptocurrencies online or in the real life for people that are not familiar with this digital universe.

There is no product that combine cryptocurrencies and standard payment methods like wire transfer, Credit/debit card, Coinbase and that allow you to choose how you would like to proceed with the payment and where you would like to receive the payment.

There is no website and application where you can find a worldwide map with all the places accepting crypto-currencies in a very effective and simple way to redirect from buyers to the sellers.

There is no physical place around the world where you can follow information classes or a place where to buy cryptocurrencies locally, while getting answers to all the questions a customer might have

PAYCHANGE focuses on creating bridges between the real world and crypto-currencies. This ables individuals to buy and/or sell online or in real life while using cryptocurrencies in a simple and effective manner with an innovative approach.

PAYCHANGE will have physical stores in different country’s around the world where you can buy, sell cryptocurrencies hassle free but also get informations, courses, buy accessories (hardware wallet) and more Paychange application for mobile and website will allow you to pay directly with BLOC and any cryptocurrencies account through the different API of Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance but also your visa credit/debit card or your bank account.

PAYCHANGE application and website will allow businesses owners to get paid with any cryptocurrency or standard payment method like bank transfer, credit /debit card and let you choose where you want to receive the payment (in crypto, on your bank account in fiat)

PAYCHANGE is not a crypto bank and not a wallet. We do not store our customer's assets. PAYCHANGE focus on services and will change the way we use payment forever by bringing and connecting the cryptocurrencies and other standard payment methods to the real everyday world, for everyone with a modern, secure, and practical approach.

Every cryptocurrency enthusiast knows it. The first dive into this world is a headache. Where is the best place to buy safely and efficiently? Where to get verified information and who to trust ? Where to sell cryptocurrencies and get cash immediately? Which hardware to use to store my cryptocurrencies? Where to meet people like you?

PAYCHANGE is the answer to all these questions. PAYCHANGE will bring back the service to the streets and open large gates to everyone that is ready to learn more about the cryptocurrencies Era.


PAYCHANGE’s Functionality

PAYCHANGE website phase 1 (early 2019).

  • Cryptocurrencies listing with description details and price charts.
  • PAYCHANGE Swap gives you the power to quickly swap your cryptocurrency assets in the most easy and secure environment.
  • PAYCHANGE is not a wallet, as we do not store assets.
  • The PAYCHANGE engine is developed by our team allowing us the make almost instant transactions between cross blockchain.
  • Integrating most secure cryptocurrencies wallet service such as Coinbase, Binance ...
  • Buy/sell cryptocurrency with fiat using wire bank transfer.
  • Integrating standard payment method such as Apple Pay, Visa credit/debt card, bank wire transfer.
  • Choose the way you want to pay and get paid while visiting a PayChange partner.
  • International transfers to any blockchain wallet’s account, including bank cards, without limits or restrictions (other than those applied for anti-money-laundering purposes).


Buyer’s account:

  • Search and find your favorite store where you can pay the way you want Interact with the business page, leave comments, like, feedback Receipt of your purchase at any Paychange partner store
  • Access to PayChange Swap
  • Receive notifications including geo-notifications & discounts from your favorite store

Seller’s account:

  • Business page management. Business owners will be able to add their business to the Paychange revolutionary listing increasing instantly the brand awareness of your business and getting access to the soon largest cryptocurrencies buyers database.
  • Interact with customers using notification from your business page
  • Complete statistics such as reviews, transactions, checkin, notifications ...
  • All your transactions in one place including a receipt

Release date

We plan to release the 1st version of PAYCHANGE before the end of this year.

Decentralised Fuel to Power the Engine

All the TRAAKX products and services will be invoiced in the currency BLOC.