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Contributing to BLOC

To help contribute and improve the BLOC project, you can:

Connect with entrepreneurs

We are looking to connect with entrepreneur’s ready to build new services and products around BLOC to improve the ecosystem. We have so much to decentralize: Private messenger, Social media platform, music & artists, means of transport and much more. We have locked a premine specially dedicated for this kind of projects and we are ready to help you with finance. Let’s build together a better future. Contact us through our community

Connect with developers

Got skills ? Wants BLOC ? What about join us on the BLOC project and bring your own stone so we can build a better structure ? Help the project and get rewarded in BLOC. Join our Discord Channel to meet talented developers like you ready to propel BLOC to next level. We can't wait to see you !

About this project

As with many development projects, the repository on Github is considered to be the "staging" area for the latest changes. Before changes are merged into that branch on the main repository, they are tested by individual developers in their own branches, submitted as a pull request, and then subsequently tested by contributors who focus on testing and code reviews. That having been said, the repository should be carefully considered before using it in a production environment, unless there is a patch in the repository for a particular show-stopping issue you are experiencing. It is generally a better idea to use a tagged release for stability.

BLOC is open source and completely free to use without restrictions, except for those specified in the license agreement below. There are no restrictions on anyone creating an alternative implementation of BLOC that uses the protocol and network in a compatible manner. Make sure you visit the licence page

Anyone is welcome to contribute to BLOC's codebase!

If you have a fix or code change, feel free to submit it as a pull request directly to the master branch of BLOC GitHub Repo. In cases where the change is relatively small or does not affect other parts of the codebase it may be merged in immediately by any one of the collaborators. On the other hand, if the change is particularly large or complex, it is expected that it will be discussed at length either well in advance of the pull request being submitted, or even directly on the pull request.